Our stylish, eco-friendly modular ARC buildings offer the perfect level of comfort and space with minimal carbon impact and feature green roofs that support biodiversity. The eco-buildings are designed around 'fabric first' and Passivhaus principles and are built from mostly natural, low impact materials to offer high performance, insulation, air-tightness and sustainability.

Take a virtual tour inside an ARC eco-friendly modular building

 Click below to explore inside a 3 bedroom ARC holiday let.

Modular buildings for a range of environments

ARC modular eco-buildings are highly adaptable and can be configured to your requirements. The unique curved shape is the same across all ARC modular buildings, but we design and build the interiors of each ARC building to suit client requirements.

We design and build our modular buildings for a range of environments including commercial settings such as offices, and retail and visitor centres; to community buildings and public spaces including classrooms and education and learning spaces, and healthcare and wellness spaces; as well as modular accommodation buildings for holiday homes, short-term accommodation, or homes and annexes.

8 step buying process to owning an eco-friendly, modular building

Our unique offsite modular construction is a highly efficient way to buy a home, holiday let, office, cafe, visitor centre or any other modular building. It is quicker and more efficient than a traditional build and produces much less waste.   

  1. Step 1 - Brief 
  2. Step 2 - Site survey  
  3. Step 3 - Planning
  4. Step 4 - Finalising your design
  5. Step 5 - Offsite ARC production
  6. Step 6 - Groundworks
  7. Step 7 - Site Installation
  8. Step 8 - Keys and balance of payment

Rural or urban settings

With their curved lines and spacious calming interiors, low-maintenance cladding and sedum or wild flower roof, ARC eco-friendly modular buildings are well suited for domestic, commercial or community use. 

Green Unit has delivered ARC modular eco-buildings into a range of different environments, including both rural and urban settings. The ARC building can even be installed on flat roofs of multi-story buildings in dense, urban environments.

An energy efficient eco-building delivered to site

Standard specification ARC eco-buildings use high perfomance, wood fibre insulation, reducing energy consumption by a remarkable 50%. They are swiftly delivered to site on lorries and craned into place. A pre-assembled building includes:

  • Lighting, plumbing, heating, ventilation
  • Floor and wall finishes
  • Kitchen and bathroom (if required)
  • Building regulation and warranty certification

Peace of mind

All ARC buildings come with a 10-year warranty if required, and an estimated 100+ year life expectancy.  

To find out more about owning a modular eco-friendly home, holiday retreatoffice, retail outlet, school building or healthcare or community use building, please enquire using this form

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