Eco-friendly, modular healthcare buildings

We design and manufacture ultra-low carbon, modular healthcare buildings - the ARC. As a multipurpose building, the ARC modular unit caters to a wide variety of needs within the healthcare sector, including: administrative and reception areas; consulting and therapy spaces for patients with a wide range of needs, including mental health, dementia, addiction, and end-of-life care. 

Our unique ARC healthcare units are manufactured offsite at our Oxfordshire production site and delivered to your hospital, hospice or organisation's site virtually complete, meaning minimal onsite disruption to your staff, patients and visitors. 

Mimicking forms found in nature, the ARC has a unique, curved design, and is a naturally light and airy space which forges a strong connection with the natural environment. The ARC offers patients a comforting, calming and inspiring space in an environment that can be placed away from the often busy and clinical hospital wards.

Download our brochure for modular, healthcare units

How the ARC can benefit your healthcare organisation

  • Ultra-low carbon building
  • Naturally light, inspiring space
  • Minimal onsite disruption to staff, patients and visitors
  • Quality and comfort a priority
  • Living green roof that supports biodiversity
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust and durable 
  • Exceeds building regulations
  • Approved for public use 
  • Special requirements available such as considerations for fire-retardancy, hygenic interior surfaces, disabled access etc. 

"The quality of the building itself and the functionality of it is excellent"

David Cohen, Capital Projects Manager at Colchester Hospital (now East Sussex and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust) gave very positive feedback about the therapeutic ARC unit at Colchester Hospital. In 2018 Green Unit provided a dignified and peaceful modular building for palliative care patients to spend precious moment with their family and friends. Not only does this unique space provide patients with a relaxing space, but it also successfully meets the NHS’s pledge to reduce its carbon footprint by 80% by 2050.

Floorplans, cost guides, and FAQs for modular, healthcare units

We provide information about the ARC, as well as suggested floorplans and cost guides for multi-purpose consulting spaces in this brochure. Note that although we provide suggested floorplans, we design and build the ARC to your requirements and will work with you during a design consultation to design a space to best suit your requirements.

Download our brochure for modular, healthcare units

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