Eco-friendly, modular office buildings

We design and manufacture eco-friendly, modular office buildings called the ARC. Our low-carbon modular offices are suitable as permanent modular offices, as temporary office units that could be relocated at a later date if required, as well as stylish home office. ARC modular, offices are inexpensive to run, very easy to adapt, and are highly sustainable. With outstanding energy efficiency, each office unit is always at the right temperature for year-round comfort.   

With optional pollen-filtered air systems you can maintain a clean and healthy work environment. The ARC's unique design makes the building naturally light-filled and sound-insulated, the ARC eco-office is the ideal place to work, promoting productivity and inspiring creativity.

How an ARC modular, eco-office can benefit your organisation

  • Ultra-low carbon modular building
  • Helps to demonstrate your sustainability credentials 
  • Naturally light, inspiring space
  • Minimal site disruption due to minimal construction time onsite
  • Can be supplied with smart technology systems to control temperature and air quality, and operate media, windows, blinds, gates, locks, CCTV etc.
  • Quality and comfort a priority
  • Living green roof that supports biodiversity
  • Low maintenance 
  • Robust and durable 
  • Exceeds building regulations
  • Option to go off-grid
  • Approved for public use

Modular offices delivered ready to start work 

ARC pre-assembled green-offices are swiftly delivered to site and craned into place within a matter of hours. They include:  

  • Lighting, plumbing, heating, ventilation
  • Floor and wall finishes
  • Kitchen and bathroom
  • Building regulation and warranty certification

Grow your modular office with your business

The unique modular shape of the ARC eco-office enables you to create the facilities you need now, and extend, add new connected buildings or change the internal configuration at a later stage.

Designed and built by craftsmen in the UK, the ARC with its 10-year warranty, life expectancy of 100+ years and ISO9001 and IS014001 approved manufacturing processes, offers an exciting opportunity for anyone wishing to create an amazing ultra-low carbon office space.

Download the Green Unit brochure and price guide.

"We are very impressed by the ARC building - it surpasses all our expectations" 

Jean-Luc Priez, CEO, Lench's Trust.

Find out more about the modular, eco-building at Lench's Trust

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