Eco-homes and residential buildings

Are you looking for an inspiring family eco-home that reduces your carbon footprint and saves money on heating, without compromising beauty or comfort? We have the perfect solution. 

Looking for a holiday let? Click here for information about Green Unit modular accommodation buildings for holiday retreats and holiday lets. 

The benefits of a modular eco-home

  • Ultra-low carbon building built with sustainability in mind
  • Quick to install on site
  • Long lifetime - engineered to offer exceptionally robust building performance
  • Low running costs
  • Beautiful, curved design - storage and furniture can be built into the curve to maximise on space
  • Quality and comfort a priority
  • Option to incorporate smart technology throughout home
  • Option to go off-grid

A complete eco-home delivered to site

ARC eco-homes are swiftly delivered to site on lorries and craned into place.  A pre-assembled standard specification eco-home includes: -  

  • Lighting, plumbing, heating, ventilation
  • Floor and wall finishes
  • Kitchen and bathroom
  • Building regulation and warranty certification

During the 8-step process of creating your home, you will have the freedom to choose interior finishes, flooring, tiles, kitchen and bathroom fittings and heating options, including: in-wall and ducted heating to ventilation systems and cosy log burners.

ARC eco-homes are made watertight within a few hours of delivery, and once on site (subject to conditions) they can be habitable in just a few days.

Whether you are planning to create a new home off-grid or in an urban area, ARC eco-home’s curves, cedar cladding and green roofs equally compliment both environments.  

Download the Green Unit price guide for eco-homes.

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Please give us as much information as possible, where available: the number of units required; approximate size/usage of the units required; the location of site(s) (if known); whether you have explored planning permission for your project; and whether you will need to raise finance for the project.

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